land bank

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Federal Land Bank

A bank that provides loans for agricultural or other rural use. Most loans from federal land banks are for commercial agriculture, but they also finance personal and recreational projects. Federal land banks form part of the Farm Credit System. See also: Farm Credit Act.

land bank

Land purchased and held for future development.

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In a letter dated March 13 2018 to Philippine Stock Exchange President and Chief Executive Office Ramon Monzon, Alex Buenaventura, Land Bank president and chief executive said the state-owned lender is interested to acquire Singapore Exchange's 20 percent stake in PDSHC at P360 per share.
Small Land Bank Constrains Ratings: Xinyuan's total sellable gross floor area increased to 2.
44 directing state-owned Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) to acquire the Philippine Postal Bank and convert it to the OFBank.
The plan to take over Postal Savings Bank was suggested after an oversight body on government corporations abandoned a plan by the previous administration to merge the Land Bank with another state-run lender, the Development Bank of the Philippines
Under the EO, the Philippine Postal Corporation - which owns the Postbank - and the Bureau of Treasury were ordered to transfer their Postbank shares to Land Bank at zero value.
The company said it was seeing "continued success in securing planning consent for the Group's strategic land bank with 3,308 plots converted in the period" and it had secured 9,319 plots of new land to take its land bank to 98,712 plots.
Banking institution, Trust Division F/1616 or Fibra Inn (BMV: FINN13) (OTC: DFBRY) has purchased a land bank in the immediate area of the Monterrey Airport that will be used to develop, via third-party investors, a Marriott hotel under the Strategic Hotel acquisition pipeline structure, the company said.
The plots, located on the eastern and western sides of Sheikh Zayed road at the Safa Park intersection and in close proximity to the Dubai Canal, will add 371,612 sqm in to the company's land bank.
GSO and Hovnanian have also entered into a non-binding letter of intent to land bank a portfolio of assets totaling approximately $95 million of land acquisition and future development costs with the expectation to close prior to December 31, 2015.
According to a person who asked not to be identified because of his current position, who worked on the Nebraska legislation that created the land bank, told Mortgage Banking that board membership on the Omaha Land Bank requires the member to "have experience in a variety of financial sectors.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-September 23, 2015-FirstMerit Bank, Detroit Land Bank partner on homebuyers down payment assistance program
NTC's housing department does not have even a small land bank.