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In March and April, there was a spate of articles about an encouraging movement among conservatives in Congress that is being supported by various conservative organizations to cancel this year's lame-duck session in order to prevent congressional approval of the TPP.
36) This problem is especially acute during caretaker and lame-duck periods.
If there is progress during the lame-duck session, some other tax law extensions could be folded in.
In addition to these priorities, NSBA is urging Congressional leaders to proceed with pragmatism and address only those initiatives, such as those outlined by NSBA, which have been given appropriate analysis and consideration, during the lame-duck session.
Trade issues remain on the agenda for the lame-duck session, including legislation to extend the Generalized System of Preferences program that allows imports from developing countries into the U.
Most lobbyists are putting a brave face on Congress' unwillingness to act before adjourning, saying that they have hopes an extension can be included in omnibus legislation that will be acted on during a short lame-duck session to be convened in mid-November.
Three important events occurred during that lame-duck period: the Treaty with France was approved, the House of Representatives selected Jefferson as President, and the federal judiciary was expanded and populated.
Republicans also could pick up one additional vote before the next session opens if the lame-duck session lasts longer than two weeks - the length of time anticipated to certify the official results from Missouri in the Senate election, in which James M.
Supporters had hoped to receive passage of this legislation by the 106th Congress when it returned in December 2000 for a post-election lame-duck session.
But as the centuries passed, the operation of lame-duck Congresses proved to be an intolerable violation of democratic principles, and they were basically abolished by the Twentieth Amendment in 1933.
to unseat a lame-duck president is money well spent?
Moreover, while Congress recessed on October 8, Clinton called members back for a post-election, lame-duck session on November 29 to debate and vote on GATT legislation.