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This is because of the lagged relationship between prices and energy consumption following the oil shocks of the 1970s.
I found it interesting that UMC_CHG was more strongly contemporaneously correlated with VALUE_WEIGHTED than with SUICIDE_RATE, but the 1-month lagged relationship almost disappeared between UMC_CHG (-1) and VALUE_WEIGHTED.
These models were then used to estimate a lagged relationship and investigated whether the relationship between AMI hospitalizations and unemployment may have changed during the study period.
Mueller indicates the forecasts are based on the supply/demand relationship, and he states, "Real estate markets are cyclical due to the lagged relationship between demand and supply for physical space.
They believe that the lagged relationship stems from the response between changes in market value and changes in assessed value and from adjustments in rates applied to the assessed value.
The magnitude of this lagged relationship increased sharply at heat indices between approximately 95[degrees]F and 100[degrees]F.
As a result, for hedge funds with credit sensitivity, the lagged relationship with the S&P 500 index is significant while for non-credit sensitive strategies, the lagged relationship is not significant.
However, the lagged relationship between economic recovery and the property market will mean rental levels will probably remain soft for some time to come.
In view of all these factors that are likely to conceal or eliminate the contemporaneous relation between budget deficits and inflation, this article analyzes the lagged relationship between budget deficits and inflation.
To visualize the lagged relationship between exposure and gastrointestinal illness, we produced the temporal exposure response surface (TERS), which reflected the changes in lagged daily rates of gastroenteritis associated with changes in turbidity.
Net exports of goods appear to have an inverse and lagged relationship with changes in final sales of goods.
The possible existence of a lagged relationship was also examined, both via the Granger tests and through the application of various simple and polynomial-distributed lags.