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There were important ways in which Hillman's path diverged from those of other women labor leaders, however.
There are two prevailing, composite perceptions of the labor leader. One comes to us through the corporation and the media, the other through literature and folklore that oftentimes does not find its way into middle-class or "mainstream" literature and consciousness.
No labor leaders can transcend the character of the age of corporate power, whatever their effort or ideology, and for this they are not to blame.
This was confirmed by Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) President Raymond Mendoza, one of the labor leaders invited by the DOLE.
Order the DOLE and the Philippine National Police to prevent rogue policemen in cahoots with local officials from harassing labor leaders and union organizers in the name of the war on illegal drugs.
Pomfret offers contrasting accounts of attempts both by members of the middle classes and by labor leaders to prohibit or regulate certain kinds and times of paid labor, with a view to encouraging children to spend daytime hours at school and nighttime hours at home.
Washio quoted Mori as saying in the meeting that support from business and labor leaders was essential in making the July 21-23 summit a success.
But "class warfare" was a deadly serious term at the beginning of this century, when it was frequently invoked by labor leaders to describe their struggles against capitalist bosses.
Each interview is preceded by a short introduction that provides a brief career biography and identifies the issues of greatest concern to the particular labor leaders. The interviews themselves provide information on the subjects' trade union activities, motivations for pursuing a career in labor, leadership style, ideological beliefs, and job experiences.

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