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Thus, our choice of 256 kilobytes as the smallest datafile needs some clarification.
Because of a limitation of DOS, 640 kilobytes was the maximum that any program could use directly, and the 8086 and 8088 processors contained in the PC could not address more than I megabyte of -memory in any case.
They hold 64 kilobytes of memory, enough room to store biometric data including digital fingerprints, photos, and iris scans.
Among other features of the new series, the capacity for mail attachments was increased from 100 kilobytes in the previous series to 500 kb so that users can send one mega-pixel images and longer, high-quality files, the company said.
The worm's payload included instructions to write 65 kilobytes of data onto a random place on the hard drive, and the result in most cases was that infected systems simply crashed within 12 hours or so after infection.
Today's PCs should have at least 512 kilobytes of random access memory (RAM), and 1 megabyte is even better.
The Token itself is a few kilobytes in size, even when the files are many megabytes.
An automated data migration policy can leave behind a file container that includes all the file property information and takes up only one cluster (usually 1-72 kilobytes) of space.
The integrated circuit (IC) chip printed into the license has 8 kilobytes of memory, which allows the input of 8,000 characters.
A computer chip embedded into credit-card-sized IDs can hold 32 kilobytes of personal information about the cardholder--information that grants access to an organization's central database as well as the front door.
In addition to its high operating frequency, the V850E/MA3 microcontroller achieves its high performance by providing up to 512 kilobytes (KB) of on-chip ROM and 32 KB of on-chip random access memory (RAM).