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A synthetic suede base layer works to keep hands dry from water and oil.
KEEP hands cosy with these bobble knit hand warmers, pounds 10, at Warehouse.
This experiment demonstrates how fast germs multiply and reinforces the need to keep hands clean, especially when out and about during daily activities.
Kiwi fruit joins forces with vitamins and daisy flower extract to keep hands baby soft with Soap & Glory's new Endless Glove Hand Cream (pounds 4.
I had a good friend in television news who always said one of the first rules of on-camera reporting was to keep hands steady and they used a pen in one hand to do that.
Daily moisturizing helps keep hands soft and supple, but to strengthen nails, here's her at-home tip: Simply soak fingers in a mixture of lemon juice and salt twice a week for 10 minutes.
Keep hands super soft with my top five hand treats.
Keep hands nourished during winter with these soothing moisturisers
provide a quintet of implements that can take care of overlong nails--finger or toe--and keep hands and feet looking well-tended to.
Be sure to keep hands covered when you're outside, and use rubber gloves while washing dishes or cleaning your room (hey, it could happen).
Soap and water are not always accessible throughout the school day, so an effective way to keep hands clean and germ-free is to use an antibacterial wipe like Wet Ones hand wipes, which parents can pack in lunchboxes and book bags.