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The marketing of new securities, usually through sales to institutional investors. See: Float.
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The act or process of selling a new issue of a security to investors. Most of the time, a placement must be registered with the SEC before it can actually take place. See also: Private placement.
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To sell a new securities issue.
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an aspect of DISTRIBUTION concerned with ensuring that a firm's products are available for consumers to purchase at appropriate locations.


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She tries to learn everything, and really goes to market beyond her years, likewise keeps accounts, with my help, quite wonderful.
All serene on the Rappahannock, troops in fine condition, commisary department well conducted, the Home Guard under Colonel Teddy always on duty, Commander in Chief General Laurence reviews the army daily, Quartermaster Mullet keeps order in camp, and Major Lion does picket duty at night.
"It's a very easy resolution to keep, anyhow," commented Felix.
"I think it better to make just one and keep it than make a lot and break them," said Felicity loftily.
We say: KEEP Ah look, our first difference of opinion!
In qualifying for the President's Circle Award, Keep Irving Beautiful has met Keep America Beautiful's standards of merit by conducting an annual Community Appearance Index; calculating the affiliate's cost/benefit ratio; and administering initiatives to end littering, improve recycling, and beautify Irving's community.
A cute crocodile bookmark should keep you good company while you're getting lost in your favorite pages, but don't forget to keep an alarm clock on your bedside table to wake you up in time for dinner.
Perry's passionate about veterans' issues, and he wants to make sure that veterans issues do not get lost in the discourse and decided that getting involved this way would be an ideal way to keep veterans issues at the forefront," said Kathy Walt, the treasurer of the super PAC and a former chief of staff to Perry.
Scotland midfielder Bridcutt proved the least popular choice to keep at the club with just 7.5% of fans voting not to sell.
( Offical Android Blog states the new update for the Keep app released by Google introduces the note-sharing feature for its users.
Carl Garner receives inaugural Iron Eyes Cody Award from Keep America Beautiful