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1. A way of measuring the mass of a gem. One karat is 200 milligrams.

2. A way of measuring the purity of gold or platinum. One karat is 1/24 purity; that is, 24 karat gold is pure gold.

In both cases, karat can also be spelled carat.


A measure of the purity of gold. Pure gold is indicated by the label 24 karat. See also fineness.
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The girls, Sophia and Sara, trained at the 47th International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF) Master Camp and were accompanied by their mother, karate pupil Anita Ridzuan.
Punjab Zone headed by Mohammad Nadeem Secretary Punjab Karate Association and members Fayyaz Feroze, Nadeem Azhar Loan, Shahid Ansari.
She decided she wanted to take karate lessons after her dad Robert started Oban Skotakan Club and brothers Callum, nine, and Rhys, eight, took up the sport.
The school's eclectic style combines traditional and competition Karate styles, borrows from other sports disciplines, throws in a little yoga and even some Western dance concepts.
Our club are not solely about competitors, though, as karate is for everyone and students train for many varied reasons.
Meanwhile the USKF (United Shotokan Karate Federation) contingent from Dublin, Ireland, lifted three separate honors.
The Namibia Shotokan Karate Academy won a total of 56 medals and now boasts 7 new world champions.
The action thriller flick might affect the business of "Maan Karate.
P Olympic Association and their team on organizing such a wonderful event and for better of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Karate Players and to participate the healthy activity in the city.
Students at the Bahrain Karate Centre (BKC), in Awali, the threesome are on the verge of completing the Shotokan Ryu Kase Ha training course.
James, aged 11, is already a black belt and has won national bronze, silver and gold medals and is part of the Traditional England Karate team.