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1. A way of measuring the mass of a gem. One karat is 200 milligrams.

2. A way of measuring the purity of gold or platinum. One karat is 1/24 purity; that is, 24 karat gold is pure gold.

In both cases, karat can also be spelled carat.


A measure of the purity of gold. Pure gold is indicated by the label 24 karat. See also fineness.
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She said being karate player, she wants to represent the national team and for this she is giving due time to learn more skills.
Salem's mother Maryna is now looking to set up a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in the UAE to court sponsors to support the sport in order to not only enable people of determination to take up and benefit from free karate sessions, but to also help set up regular tournaments locally.
Hafez Qazma, Mahfouz Jazaeri and Amjad Obaid are among the Karate Federation's distinguished international referees .
The pioneer of karate in Slovakia further said that some tens of thousands of followers have taken up this discipline since Sebej began with it some 50 years ago.
In this regards, Khyber Agency Political Agent Khalid Mehmood provided 48 mats each to two karate clubs in the agency to not only enable the clubs to host local karate competitions but also to hold larger, national-level karate championships.
Other Iranian karate practitioners Taravat Khaksar, Bahman Asgari ,Hamoon Derafshipour, and Saleh Abazari brought Iran 4 bronze medals each, while the Iran men's national kata team comprised of Abolfazl Shahrjerdi, Milad Delokhoun and Ali Zand took another bronze medal.
Moreover, karate is going to be part of the upcoming Olympic 2020 in Tokyo, training imparted by a Japanese grandmaster shall prove to be very beneficial for our karate players.
Chief trainer at the camp and former world Karate champion Shinna Katsutoshi said there was no shortage of talent in Pakistan and with availability of opportunities and facilities, Pakistani youth would earn big name in karate in the world.
Caiphus met Molapong in 2010 when they two were selected to represent the country at the Serbia World Karate championship.
Azerbaijan Kyokushin Karate Federation was established on July 7, 1994.
Ahmed bin Said al Zakwani from the chief referees committee said that this competition will be held according to the annual plan of the Omani Karate Committee programme.
Muscat: Golden Group Team emerged the overall champions as the curtains came down on the second Salalah Karate Championship organised at Al Saada Sports Complex in Salalah recently.