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The state of being late for a payment on a loan or other liability. If a payment is due on the third of each month and one does not pay until the ninth, the account is said to be in delinquency until the payment is made. Some liabilities have grace periods to allow for late periods up to a certain point without causing delinquency. A late fee may or may not be assessed on a delinquent payment. Serious and prolonged delinquency can lead to default.


Past due.

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The respondents were male juvenile delinquents who were detained in borstal jail Faisalabad Punjab, Pakistan either convicted or accepted (under trail) their crime.
Comparing the Cognitive Dissonance of 116 Juvenile Delinquent Boys with that of 215 Typical High School Students.
One recent study used the newer version of FACES-III (Olson, 1986) to assess adolescents' perception of family adaptability and cohesion in order to determine whether and in what ways the family systems of adolescent sex offenders (n = 39) differed from violent juvenile delinquents (n = 25), nonviolent juvenile delinquents (n = 41), and normal families (normative data) (Bischof, Stith, & Wilson 1992).
By making it virtually impossible to collect meaningful data about juvenile delinquents, expungement also makes it difficult to evaluate crime-prevention and rehabilitation programs.
He and his wife, Jayne, adopted a juvenile delinquent, Harry, and fostered him for 2-1/2 years.
In the 1950s, when the term juvenile delinquent was first coined, Dadier confronts the knife-wielding thug Artie West (Vic Morrow), and suffers a slash to his hand.
Even if you knew he was an unrepentant rapist, even if you knew he was a juvenile delinquent before that, if you were a boxing fan you could admire his apparent devotion to the sport.
This is not your juvenile delinquent child,'' Slater said.
The 15-year-old was produced before the bench of magistrates of the Child Welfare Committee who ordered the boy to be sent to the state's reformatory home for juvenile delinquents.
Drawing on medical records, newspapers, court cases, and scientific papers, the study points to the fact that those targeted for forced sterilization were often poor, disabled, juvenile delinquents, Native Americans, and epileptics.
Take a stand against crime, this type of criminal activity should have consequences, we should not condone this type of behavior from juvenile delinquents and we urge immigrants not to jeopardize their lives by illegally entering the United States.

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