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Dedicated lines should definitely be used in a Just-In-Time system to avoid over-filling the small vacuum chambers.
To avoid excessive inventory between the production stages, a second type of production control, called "just-in-time system of production control" or the "pull system of production control", has been introduced in Japan and implemented by many companies around the world.
Made famous by the Japanese, the just-in-time system has been viewed in some quarters as nothing more than a method for reducing inventories and burdening suppliers with more responsibility.
The process of installing a true just-in-time system is a long and arduous one.
A complete organization for installing and managing the just-in-time system has been described.
With its roots in the high production Japanese industry, the just-in-time system is not immediately recognizable as appropriate to the production of typically small quantity microwave products.
The survey requested information about involvement in each of the five broad activities that make up a complete just-in-time system, including total quality management, uniform plant loading, set-up time reduction, work cell organization and supplier certification.
Just-In-Time systems are found in many manufacturing industries.