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An order from a judge or jury to pay a certain amount of money. Judgments usually come after a lawsuit or a criminal conviction. For example, if a company is sued and found liable, it may receive a judgment for, say, $1 million, which it must pay to the plaintiff. Also, if one is convicted of theft, one may be ordered to repay what one has stolen. See also: Out-of-Court Settlement.
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An order of a court.

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In the majority judgment, the Supreme Court agreed with the submissions of the counsel to Oyetola, Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN) that the entire of the majority judgment of the tribunal is a nullity, because it was written and delivered by Justice Obiorah, 'who did not participate in all the proceedings of the tribunal and who was not present when all the witnesses gave evidence'.
The BiH Prosecutor's Office filed a timely appeal from the trial judgment, in relation to the acquitting part of the judgment, on the grounds of error of fact and the sentencing decision, moving the Court to modify the judgment in this part so as to find the accused guilty also for the charges he was acquitted of, pursuant to which the accused's liability for those acts would be made part of a proper and lawful punishment, which will be lengthier than the one currently imposed.
By order to show cause returnable in March 2017, defendant moved for a stay of execution and/or enforcement of the July 1998 judgment, vacatur or modification of that judgment, dismissal of any statutory interest due to plaintiff's delay and the doctrine of laches, and a tolling of post-judgment interest due to plaintiff's delay.
Pearson, the defendant in this case, was served with the confessed judgment and moved to vacate it.
Let's presume your judgment is less than seven years old.
If the tribunal that issued the foreign judgment lacked jurisdiction;
IHC gave its judgment, handed down on 23-01-2012, in favour of these producers.
Armed with that information, the judgment holder may then take any number of available enforcement steps. For example, the judgment holder can seek liens against the property of the sovereign; obtain orders restraining the sovereign or third parties from transferring assets in which the sovereign has an interest; or obtain an injunction restricting the sovereign debtor or third parties from taking actions that may impede the judgment holder's ability to collect on its judgment. 
Feminist Judgments of Aotearoa New Zealand: Te Rino: A Two-Stranded Rope
(1) I follow tradition and stipulatively use the word "judgment" to refer to the state of mind (whatever it is) that such views consist in.
4th DCA 2016), illustrates how a judgment creditor can acquire a judgment debtor's claim against a third party.
After a bench trial, the district court entered a judgment enjoining defendants-appellants from seeking to enforce the Ecuadorian Judgment in any court in the United States; and imposing a constructive trust for Chevron's benefit on any property defendants-appellants have received or may receive anywhere in the world that is traceable to the Ecuadorian Judgment or its enforcement, based on the court's findings that the Ecuadorian Judgment was procured through, inter alia, defendants' bribery, coercion, and fraud, warranting relief against Donziger and his Firm under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act ("RICO"), 18 U.S.C.