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An order from a judge or jury to pay a certain amount of money. Judgments usually come after a lawsuit or a criminal conviction. For example, if a company is sued and found liable, it may receive a judgment for, say, $1 million, which it must pay to the plaintiff. Also, if one is convicted of theft, one may be ordered to repay what one has stolen. See also: Out-of-Court Settlement.


An order of a court.

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Judging was held in conjunction with NAMA's Agribusiness Forum.
Titled "Asking the gatekeepers: A national survey of judges on judging expert evidence in a post-Daubert world," it found that judges who had applied Daubert standards to evidence "had little understanding of the key concept of hypothesis testing or of the significance of error rates," Berger says.
Entries will be reviewed by the six-member expert judging panel, which includes a mix of new and returning judges specializing in the fields of engineering, construction, design, and marketing.
God loves sinners, we were told, and we should all assist the president (so argued an ethics professor and pastor I debated) in his "quest for maturity" by not judging his behavior.
If your entry makes it through divisional and regional judging and reaches the second stage of judging, the Blue Ribbon Panel, your final judge and jury is a two-person appraisal team.
That's the plan behind the International Figure Skating Union's proposed radically new method of judging figure skating announced on Monday.
Unless the share of the populace with the attributes necessary for good judging has risen equally, or the relative attractions of the field have increased, the system must be relying on an increasing proportion of ill-suited people.
The judging is conducted by a rotating panel of independent, professional and accredited chefs who follow a rigorous and unbiased process in ACI's state-of-the art judging facility in San Francisco.
National Best of NAMA judging took place February 19-20 in Kansas City, Mo.
Despite concessions from the French team that its judge at the pairs skating competition felt ``pressure'' to vote for the Russians, and despite pleas from Olympic officials for a speedy resolution, the International Skating Union took no action Thursday to address the matter, its Salt Lake 2002 Winter Games judging scandal.
That's why IABC has institutionalized the procedure of judging so as to establish standards and build into the judging, process as much objectivity as possible.