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An order from a judge or jury to pay a certain amount of money. Judgments usually come after a lawsuit or a criminal conviction. For example, if a company is sued and found liable, it may receive a judgment for, say, $1 million, which it must pay to the plaintiff. Also, if one is convicted of theft, one may be ordered to repay what one has stolen. See also: Out-of-Court Settlement.
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An order of a court.

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However, PTV management wants to withdraw the benefit given in the light of January 29, 2018 judgement of SC.
Vodafone had challenged the September 8, 2010 judgement of the Bombay High Court in the apex court.
He further said that four judgements dating from 2002 remain outstanding, as are four reserved judgements dating back to 2003, five from 2004, two from 2005, five from 2006 and three from 2007.
The judge stated that Davyon's position was that its leasehold interest in the property survives the Judgement of Foreclosure.
Judgement in general is the faculty of thinking the particular as contained under the universal.
The prominence and centrality of the face in influencing others' judgements of one's attractiveness means that persons with facial disfigurements experience the negative effects of the appearance stereotype outlined above, namely negative judgements regarding employability, marriageability, etc.
'I have subsequently instructed my counsel to prepare for an appeal against today's judgement at the Supreme Court immediately.
In accordance with this conception of an aesthetic judgement, Kant distinguishes three non-compound kinds of aesthetic judgement concerning the merely material nature of an object or array of objects as this is apparent in perception, this nature being considered independently of what kind or kinds of object they are.
'It is still a valid, subsisting judgement until it is set aside by a court of competent jurisdiction, therefore, their election into their respective positions remains valid,' he noted.
of Yonkers, attorneys that represent owners, said as an administrative agency, DHCR has the authority to levy fines and penalties and reduce them to a money judgement. This judgement can then be executed by the appropriate person, such as a marshall or sheriff.
The third appeal which centred on the judgement by Justice Chinwendu Nwogu was dismissed because it was filed out of time and therefore statute barred.
BAUCHI state government has hailed last Friday's Supreme Court judgement which set aside the judgment of the Court of Appeal and upheld the trial Court Judgement on the 2014 APC gubernatorial primaries which was won by the State Governor, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar.