Joint stock company

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Joint stock company

A form of business organization that falls between a corporation and a partnership. The company sells stock, and its shareholders are free to sell their stock, but shareholders are liable for all debts of the company.
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Joint Stock Company

A company that issues stock and requires shareholders to be held liable for the company's debt. In other words, a joint stock company combines features of a general partnership, in which owners of a company split profits and liabilities, and a publicly-traded company, which issues stock that shareholders are able to buy and sell on an exchange. See also: Publicly-traded partnership.
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Acting companies who want to use the theatre should contact the Old Joint Stock on 0121 200 0946.
This is just one reason why the Old Joint Stock, in Temple Row West, opposite St Philip's Cathedral in the heart of Birmingham's business belt is such a good venue for a pint and a bite (although I can think of a few more reasons besides the eye-catching decor).
Chairman of Azersu Open Joint Stock Company Gorkhmaz Huseynov informed the president about the work carried out under the project on reconstruction of drinking water supply and sewage systems of the city of Khacmaz.
AaAaAaAa Organizing the workshop comes as part ofAa CMA's keenness to communicate with technical cadres working in the joint stock companies, developing them and improving their capacities to serve the companies' performance.

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