joint products

Joint Products

Two or more products derived from the same source using the same tools. For example, natural gas and oil from the same well are joint products. See also: Joint Product Cost.

joint products

products which emerge from the same production process; for example, petrol, diesel and tar from a common oil refining process.


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We found that the division of the joint product that took place there was similar to the division that took place in the sum total of all industrial processes.
The light was the joint product of a fire and a candle.
The simulation allows for the efficient understanding of the accounting complexities of joint products and byproducts.
Joint products are defined as: "Two or more products produced by the same process and separated in processing, each having sufficiently high saleable value to merit recognition as a main product.
Under the agreement, TRW and Michelin will work together toward development of a standardized tire pressure monitoring device for automakers and will cooperate in marketing their joint products.
Although we have good political support, available land for feedstock growth and plentiful labor in Mexico we will be looking at all opportunities to use our joint products and services for new and existing bio-fuel operations.
The BIRD Foundation works to encourage cooperation between Israeli and American companies in the various areas of technology, and provides free assistance in locating strategic partners from both countries for developing joint products.
In addition, NEC Neva is becoming an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner to customize Tekelec's industry-leading next-generation switching products and extend sales and distribution of the joint products in the Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) markets.
Russ McMeekin CEO and President of MIKN stated, "Our partnership and joint products represent a major focus for us going forward.
Virgil Hentz, Chairman and CEO of the Company, stated that Global eScience who is in the business of engineering, design and manufacturing of computer internet associated products and services at its facility in Olathe, Kansas and Design Concepts Inc who is in the business of engineering, design, and manufacturing of electronic instrumentation and microprocessor based products, have agreed to work together to develop and commercialize their individual and joint products.
VE members fall into five categories: Joint Products, Alliance Partners, Network Service Providers, Technologies and Contributors.

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