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Informal for an investment or investment decision, especially one that becomes profitable.


1. An investment.
2. See direct play.
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This foot type often presents with restricted joint play (midfoot, 1st ray, calcaneus).
The most commonly used diagnostic procedures for the cervical, thoracic, and lumbopelvic spine were joint play, static and motion palpation, neurological testing and ranges of motion.
Young children's desire to play together, the fragility of their joint play, and their tendency to protect their interactive space make territorial conflicts a common phenomenon in child care centers.
This paper asserts that teachers need to understand the logic of young children's behavior in their joint play and in their conflicts in order to respond sensitively, and that children construct logic-in-action (procedural knowledge) long before they are able to verbalize their logic in narratives.
Examples are hypomobility (fixation), hypermobility, compensation reaction, loss of joint play, and loss of central axis of motion.
The curved oval offered adequately separated independent-play spaces at each end, joint play space in the middle, and a racetrack all around.

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