involuntary bankruptcy

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Involuntary bankruptcy

The process where creditors petition the court to begin bankruptcy proceedings on a debtor. Also see Voluntary bankruptcy.
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Involuntary Bankruptcy

A situation in which a creditor may force a debtor into bankruptcy. A creditor may file for involuntary bankruptcy if the debtor has become severely and consistently delinquent or if a custodian has been appointed for the debtor in the previous six months. After the petition is filed, the debtor usually has 20 days in which to contest it. If the debtor objects to involuntary bankruptcy, he/she must show either that payments are not as delinquent as claimed or that he/she is taking steps to restore solvency. If the debtor does not show this, the bankruptcy court can force liquidation to repay the creditor(s).
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involuntary bankruptcy

Bankruptcy that is forced by creditors instead of being initiated by the firm or individual. Compare voluntary bankruptcy. See also Chapter 7, Chapter 11.
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has announced it has disclosed the names of CFP professionals who have filed for protection or been named as a debtor in an involuntary bankruptcy petition that has not been dismissed under the United States Bankruptcy Code within the last five years, the company said.
"It's the most efficient tool to liquidate the company and collect the claims," said Dan Sklar, the attorney who filed the involuntary bankruptcy petition on June 27 in federal court in Manchester.
Last week Arkansas Business told you about a developer who was pushed into involuntary bankruptcy with at least $120 million worth of debt.
Trade and other unsecured creditors concerned about a debtor's nonpayment of their claims may consider joining an involuntary bankruptcy petition against that debtor.
Certain noteholders junior to the class A-1 and A-2 notes, along with the collateral manager TP Management LLC, filed interpleader complaint objecting to the involuntary bankruptcy filing.
"In the context of an involuntary bankruptcy sale by a Chapter 7 trustee, which virtually never results in value to the debtor, the logic of an implied covenant not to compete vanishes," he said.
In March, a separate investor filed to put the lender into involuntary bankruptcy.
(1) The involuntary bankruptcy filing was part of a larger dispute between Rosenberg, U.S.
As a result of these events, Trapeza filed a petition for involuntary bankruptcy for the bank under Chapter 7.
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