investment philosophy

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Investment philosophy

The style and general ideology of investment practiced by an investor. Certain investors favor small-capitalization stocks, while others prefer large blue-chip stocks, for example.
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Investment Philosophy

Basic standards and beliefs guiding one's investing practices. Factors influencing one's investment philosophy include risk tolerance, investment goals, and personal beliefs about what guides markets. Investment philosophies may vary widely from each other. For example, when investing in securities, one investor may use technical analysis, which utilizes statistical information exclusively, while another may use fundamental analysis, which uses both quantitative and qualitative information. It is also called an investment strategy. See also: Naive diversification, Markowitz Portfolio Theory.
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investment philosophy

The investment ideology practiced by a professional money manager. For example, a portfolio manager may seek maximum capital gains at the expense of volatile and uncertain returns. An individual investor should choose a money manager with an investment philosophy that coincides with the individual's investment objectives.
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When asked to rate their top criteria for fund selection from 1 to 10 (where 1 = not important and 10 = very important), survey respondents rank "investment philosophy" a 9.0--the highest score received among 10 selection criteria.
Barclays Wealth is also set apart by its investment philosophy, an innovative approach which recognises that every investor is different.
Making money ( Investment philosophy, timing and investment selection process
The firm may want to consider forming a strategic alliance with one or more firms that provide investment implementation assistance, that have a shared investment philosophy and would work closely with the financial planning firm.
The agency said the firm's management team lacked "qualifications and ability to operate a Small Business Investment Company" and raised "significant concerns" about Diamond's investment philosophy of investing in businesses owned by blacks, Asians, women, Hispanics, and Native Americans, according to the company.
"Those were two very basic elements of our investment philosophy: for a fund to have a majority control, and to be able to have an active participation in management," Folsom recalls.
Because of his long-term investment philosophy he typically views this as a mistake.
JOHIM will continue operating as an autonomous entity within Credit Suisse Private Banking, and will retain its name, offices and investment philosophy. The value of the deal has not been revealed.
For example, two beneficiaries of a grandfathered trust may not agree with the trustee's investment philosophy and want the trust to be divided into two separate trusts, with the same terms but different trustees.
Sprinkling MSG on his rich chunks of beef stroganoff, Appleton delineates his investment philosophy carefully.
The firm will maintain its name, leadership, employees, and investment philosophy, operating as a subsidiary of Regions Bank and reporting through the Regions Wealth Management Group.

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