investment history

Investment history

The history of a member firm that establishes certain norms in respect of its investment practice.

Investment History

The transactions that a member firm or investor has conducted in the past, especially with a given broker-dealer. Investment history must be considered in making some decisions.

investment history

The past relationship between a broker-dealer and an investor. Rules of the National Association of Securities Dealers require a consideration of investment history in making judgments concerning the adequacy of an underwriter's performance in issuing securities. For example, sale of a hot issue to certain accounts generally must conform to the investment history of those accounts.
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Andrei Cherny, Aspiration's founder and chief executive, said this is the largest Series B in financial technology investment history for an online banking company in the United States.
Crescent Enterprises CEO Badr Jafar said, "At Crescent Enterprises, our operating and investment history in healthcare demonstrates our commitment to technological advancement and innovation.
More information on NEP and the firm's investment history can be found on nep.
Amal Enan, executive director of the Egyptian American Enterprise Fund (EAEF), talked about the fund investment history in Egypt, saying that in 2013 it invested in the financial sector and found that 14% of the citizens only have bank accounts.
It starts with an extended discourse on Rupert Murdoch's rocky investment history and tendency to pursue things he liked without respect to their likely value.
The team has considerable biopharma investing experience and a disciplined investment history driven by deep diligence of underlying science.
Navico holds an investment history in research and development.
He said Moscow would create a special economic zone in Crimea to boost business and said: "We must create a new investment history, which will be more successful than it was.
Tim Day, managing director of First Reserve, noted that the purchase was in line with his company's investment history of backing businesses that serve the energy infrastructure end markets.
One of the oldest scams in investment history is the Ponzi or pyramid scheme in which a swindler convinces a number of individuals to invest their money in the company.