investment banker

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Investment Banker

A person who works for an investment bank, which is a financial institution that provides a variety of services for clients. Included among the services an investment banker may provide are underwriting, facilitating in transactions, assisting in mergers and acquisitions, and brokering. Typically, an investment banker's clients are institutional investors, but high net-worth individuals also hire them. The name can be misleading because investment bankers rarely provide retail banking services.
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investment banker

A firm that functions as an intermediary between organizations that need additional funds and individuals and organizations having surplus funds to invest. An investment banker, an expert in the financial markets, sells its expertise to organizations wishing to raise funds. See also primary distribution, standby underwriting.
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We determine the investment banker reputation for an SEO by using the reputation of the most prestigious banker identified by SDC as an underwriter of the issue.
Because investment bankers affect premiums, and because a premium is a standardized measure that allows different transactions to be compared, the premium paid for a target is an observable outcome of hiring an investment banker and thus has the potential to affect interorganizational imitation.
If the bridge loans cannot be refinanced, the investment banker is forced to hold large amounts of private, unregistered "junk" paper.
Underpricing the issue costs the issuers substantial sums of money and can damage the investment banker's reputation.
The average portfolio abnormal return for a specific investment banker on a given day is then analyzed to determine whether the excess return is statistically significant.
Summary: NEW YORK -- Morgan Stanley's handling of Facebooks initial public offering, a deal that cost investors billions of dollars, broke a decade-old pledge to block investment bankers from influencing analysts, according to Massachusetts regulators, who fined the bank $5 million.
The banker, who was not authorised to speak publicly about the matter and declined to be named, added that investment bankers from multiple banks are busy doing due diligence on Nam Con Son, and are trying to convince BP that the project would be an easy asset to sell.
As an investment banker, Roger was a lead advisor on the first M&A between two Australian publicly listed biotechnology companies and has advised on a number of IPOs and private equity deals.
The investment banker, whom his admirers call the greatest Secretary of the Treasury since Alexander Hamilton, was just as wrong in his prediction shortly after George W.
"These records must generally describe the activities performed by the investment banker, the portion of the fee allocable to each of these activities and the investment banker's name, business address and phone number.
"Baldfaced liars" is how one former female investment banker described her erstwhile colleagues.
If you're looking to expand your remodeling company, investment banker Scott Sanderson has some advice for you.

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