investment bank

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Investment bank

Financial intermediaries who perform a variety of services, including underwriting and sale of securities, facilitating mergers and other corporate reorganizations, acting as brokers to both individual and institutional clients, and trading for their own accounts. See: Underwriters.

Investment Bank

A financial institution that provides a variety of services for clients. Among the services of an investment bank are underwriting, facilitating transactions, assisting in mergers and acquisitions, and brokering. In general, an investment bank's clients are institutional investors, but high net-worth individuals also use them. The name can be misleading since investment banks rarely provide retail banking services.

Investment bank.

An investment bank is a financial institution that helps companies take new bond or stock issues to market, usually acting as the intermediary between the issuer and investors.

Investment banks may underwrite the securities by buying all the available shares at a set price and then reselling them to the public. Or the banks may act as agents for the issuer and take a commission on the securities they sell.

Investment banks are also responsible for preparing the company prospectus, which presents important data about the company to potential investors.

In addition, investment banks handle the sales of large blocks of previously issued securities, including sales to institutional investors, such as mutual fund companies.

Unlike a commercial bank or a savings and loan company, an investment bank doesn't usually provide retail banking services to individuals.

investment bank

a BANK which accepts deposits of money from savers and which specializes in investments in SHARE CAPITAL and the provision of LOAN finance for corporate borrowers (see VENTURE CAPITAL). Increasingly the leading investment banks are obtaining the greater part of their revenue from consultancy and advisory services to corporate clients; for example, in the recent £20bn takeover by Hewlett Packard of Compaq Computers (creating the world's largest PC maker), the former was advised by Goldman Sachs and the latter by Citigroup's Salomon Smith Barney arm (both in the USA). See BANKING SYSTEM, MECHANT BANK.

investment bank

a BANK the particular function of which is the provision of long-term equity and loan finance for industrial companies. See EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK.
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