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The covariates BSA and HUS correlated significantly with inulin clearance and were included in the final model.
For all of the tested sampling strategies, we found that inulin clearance was assessed well by Bayesian estimation when at least a sample at 240 min was included.
Sampling strategies 1 (10/30/90/240 min), 4 (10/30/ 240 min), 5 (10/90/240 min), 6 (30/90/240 min), and 9 (90/240 min) allowed accurate prediction of inulin clearance with a bias not significantly different from 0 and an imprecision not exceeding 15%.
63) compared serum concentrations of CysC and SCr to GFR determined by inulin clearance in 44 patients with liver cirrhosis with no evidence of renal disease.
Correlation of plasma concentrations of cystatin C and creatinine to inulin clearance in a pediatric population.
Plasma cystatin C values and inulin clearances in premature neonates [Letter].
Elke Weber and Christine Wrobel have been very helpful in preparing and performing the inulin clearance examinations at our center for many years.