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Describing a person who dies without a will. When an intestate person passes away, his/her assets are distributed to the next of kin and/or the state according to the law where the intestate person lived. It is important to note that courts do not take into account the intestate person's wishes in this circumstance.
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Of, relating to, or being an individual who has died without leaving a valid will. In such a case, the estate of the deceased is distributed according to the laws of the state in which he or she resided.
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A person who dies without a will is said to have died intestate.

In this case, the probate court in the person's home state -- sometimes known as surrogate's court or orphan's court -- determines who has the right to inherit the person's assets and who should be named guardian of any minor children.

The process, known as administration, can be time consuming and expensive, and the outcome may or may not reflect what the intestate person would have wanted.

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Without a will. All states have laws specifying the rules of intestate succession, or who will receive property, and in what shares, when someone dies without a will. If there is no one to inherit,then the property escheats to the state.

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Waggoner's proposal sets forth four criteria for identifying committed partners.(242) First, the partners cannot be related by blood.(243) Second, neither partner can be married at the decedent's death.(244) Third, the partners must have "shared the same place to live, whether or not [they] had other places to live."(245) Lastly, the two individuals must have had a "marriage-like" relationship.(246) If these four criteria are met, a surviving partner will receive an intestate portion regardless of whether the couple ever signed any forms solemnizing their relationship.
and their respective descendants if appropriate to the class, in accordance with the rules for intestate succession regarding parent-child relationships." (69) However, this is merely a rule of construction, subject to a contrary intent in the governing instrument.
My colleague had so far had a smooth process despite his father dying intestate because his father never hid to his children where his valid documents were kept during his lifetime and had given them solid instructions to follow upon his demise.
Seeboe who says he is the administrator of the Intestate Estate of the late Wiahs Jah counter argues that he relies on the rules of the Probate Court Section 5.1.
If there is no will, then the probate court during the intestate estate proceedings will identify the heirs and distribute the property to them again after all the debts and taxes have been paid.
Thinking about your own death is not a pleasant activity, but postponing the writing of a will results in dying intestate, leaving you limited or having no say in the future of your wealth, assets, business or even children.
* Homestead and the Intestate Estate--The "residence anchors the analysis" methodology will have an important twist in some intestate situations because it may yield less to the surviving spouse than the proportionate methodology.
Despite the existence of the copy, they successfully argued that King died intestate.
Intestate succession statutes are difficult to design--they must be definite enough to ensure judicial efficiency, yet also match the average decedent's probable intent.
But if you don't leave a will, which is called dying intestate, a strict set of rules decides who gets what.
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The commission noted Section 41 provides that rules of distribution where the intestate - the dead man - has left no lineal descendants shall be contained in Sections 42 to 48, "after deducting the widow's share if he has left a widow." A simple reading of provisions built in Sections 42 to 46 would reveal how the scheme envisioned therein is unfair and unjust, the commission said.