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Myelography vs computed tomography in the evaluation of acute thoracolumbar intervertebral disk extrusion in chondrodystrophic dogs.
Specifically, the imaging assessment allowed the average values of the intervertebral disk height to be recorded according to sex and age groups (Twomey & Taylor, 1987; Scoles et al., 1988).
Non-movement has destructive effects upon human body in general and upon intervertebral disks in particular.
The treatment principle of PLLD is based on the concept of the intervertebral disk being a closed hydraulic system.
Imaging the intervertebral disk Age-related changes, herniations and radicular pain.
Intervertebral disk nutrition: a review of factors influencing concentrations of nutrients and metabolites.
A decrease in intervertebral disk height can also cause narrowing of the neural foramen and is frequently the etiology of lumbar radicular symptoms.
[sup][6] Smoking may affect the metabolism of the intervertebral disk and accelerate disk degeneration, [sup][31] and act via the neuroendocrine system to alter pain perception, presumably increasing the back pain.
The molecular basis of intervertebral disk degeneration.
Dorsal epidural intervertebral disk herniation with atypical radiographic findings: Case report and literature review.