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Bu yuzden intervertebral disk herniasyonu olan okronozisli hastalarda teshis nadirdir, sadece birkac vaka opere edilmistir (19).
Ecchordosis physaliphora are ectopic, extraosseous notochordal lesions of embryologic origin, similar to notochordal vestiges of the intervertebral disk.
Roentgenograms of the lumbar spine suggested a reduction in the intervertebral disk space at L3-L4.
MR imaging of the lumbar spine: prevalence of intervertebral disk extrusion and sequestration, nerve root compression, end plate abnormalities and osteoarthritis of the facet joints in asymptomatic volunteers.
There was a statistically significant difference for the upright and slouched positions, compared with the 135-degree and supine positions in disk height and movement of the nucleus pulposus, the gel-like mass that forms the middle of an intervertebral disk.
HERNIATED NUCLEUS PULPOSUS of a lumbar intervertebral disk with radiculopathy is common in adults but is uncommon in children and adolescents, accounting for less than 2% of the reported cases of lumbar disk herniation.
The dural covering of the spinal cord also showed pigmentation adjacent to intervertebral disk.
date of birth 11/12/1952 in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, internationally known due to his development of micro-therapy, micro-operations with intervertebral disks and tumors as well as the world's first operation on open nuclear spin tomographs (1988).