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Intervertebral disc samples (L1-L6) were dissected from each rat, yielding a total of 144 discs.
Vascularization and morphological changes of the endplate after axial compression and distraction of the intervertebral disc.
Not only ligaments, joint capsule, or parts of the intervertebral disc can elongate and may lose some of the mechanical properties, but at the same time, the tissues become vulnerable to damage and thus likely to succumb due to fatigue.
The goal is for the stem cells to trigger cellular and molecular repair processes and ideally to form new intervertebral disc cells in order to contribute to the regeneration of the tissue.
postoperative discectomy patients have an increase in connections between the intervertebral disc and paravertebral muscles leading to local muscular denervation.
Iatridis, "Form and function of the intervertebral disc in health and disease: a morphological and stain comparison study," Journal of Anatomy, vol.
Gene therapy, growth factor injection, cell-based therapies, and tissue engineering approaches are among the novel strategies developed for degeneration and regeneration problems of the intervertebral disc [12].
Sensory nerve fibres from lumbar intervertebral discs pass through rami communicantes: A possible pathway for discogenic low back pain.
4) Fusion of vertebrae & intervertebral disc between them.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- NASA Commentator Lori Meggs at the Marshall Space Flight Center speaks with Jojo Sayson, a co-investigator for the Intervertebral Disc Damage study, about research underway to understand the causes of back pain suffered by crew members while working in weightlessness on the International Space Station.
Link N and MSCs can induce regeneration of the early degenerate intervertebral disc.

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