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the extent to which a product fulfils its function over a period of time.

The reliability of a product depends upon its design characteristics, the quality of materials and components embodied within it and the care with which it is made and assembled.

A product's reliability is an important part of its performance in use and thus affects the appeal of the product to customers and the likelihood of their buying it. See BRAND LOYALTY. See QUALITY CONTROL, FAILURE RATE CURVE, PARALLEL SYSTEM.

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Regarding interrater reliability, a statistically significant and strong positive correlation was found between the two evaluators for the task-specific checklist (p=0.0001; r=0.989).
Further reliability testing should also include interrater reliability for provider groups and parental groups.
All interrater reliability for multiparametric MR imaging measures was excellent in the quadriceps femoris and the hamstring muscles.
Interrater reliability and agreement of subjective judgments.
Interrater reliability of mHealth app rating measures: analysis of top depression and smoking cessation apps.
Interrater Reliability. Among 10,944 potential extrasystoles, 10,753 extrasystoles were visually confirmed and agreed upon by the two raters.
In this situation, instead of using traditional correlation between the quantitative series of SPTI at various time lags, interrater reliability measure Kappa is suggested to assess the relationship between stochastic processes of [Z.sub.t] and [Z.sub.t-1] of SPTI.
Therefore, the primary objective of this study was to describe and assess realtime interrater reliability of the MRST between raters of differing levels of medical training and experience.
The authors found the modified TJA to have excellent interrater reliability (ICC = 0.94, 95% CI = 0.88-0.97) and intrarater reliability (rater 1 ICC = 0.94, 95% CI = 0.88-0.9; rater 2 ICC = 0.96, 95% CI = 0.92-0.98) with experienced raters (n = 2) in a sample of 24 elite volleyball athletes.