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Curve interpolation and extrapolation [1] represents one of the most important problems in mathematics: how to model the curve [2] via discrete set of two-dimensional points [3]?
interpolation, in the interest of better understanding the effect of the degree and ordering of an interpolation transformation on conventional features extracted from pressure maps.
A range of spatial interpolation methods are available from simple predictions to sophisticated and complex procedures (Sun et al, 2009).
Among several SAR algorithms, the range migration algorithm (RMA) [4, 14] is widely used because it is much faster and simpler than other algorithms due to its one-dimensional (1D) spectrum interpolation.
In this paper, we propose a new image interpolation algorithm, Edge Adaptive Hierarchical INTerpolation (EAHINT), to reduce the entropy in interpolation errors by exploiting the directional correlations around a target pixel.
In the examples below the linear interpolations of the transfer function will therefore be presented with real interpolation.
The goal of this paper is to determine the suitability of various interpolation methods for vertical crustal movement.
The coverage surfaces are built considering the conjugate (connecting) parts of the walls contours and by RBF 3D interpolation.
Surprisingly, little systematic research has focused on the distribution patterns of the impacts of rainfall variability in terms of mapping its spatiotemporal impact using the modern GIS techniques such as Kriging interpolation technique.
THE Bureau of Economic Analysis has adopted a new method for the interpolation of quarterly and monthly estimates in the national accounts.
The key step of solving this model is to select the appropriate interpolation method, which determines the rapidity of convergence of the model.
On a fait des interpolations spatiales et temporelles de donnees de temperature de l'air provenant d'un reseau meteorologique epars et irregulier situe dans la region de Kuparuk, au centre-nord de l'Alaska, afin d'obtenir sur 13 ans (1987-1999) une serie de champs de degres-jours de degel a une resolution de 1 k[m.