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the expansion of a firm into foreign economies by EXPORTING, but more specifically by FOREIGN INVESTMENT in the establishment of components factories, manufacturing plants and sales subsidiaries. See MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISE, FOREIGN MARKET SERVICING STRATEGY.

International growth provides additional sales opportunities for firms constrained by the small size of their national markets and serves to reduce their dependency on a single national market to generate profits. See STRATEGIC DIRECTION.

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Bandar Al-Aiban that the procedures of the trial of those accused of killing of Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi are based on constitutional principles and legal foundations to ensure validity in step ending some false reports being made by external parties with negative agendas and malicious attempts seeking to internationalize this issue in order to serve their agendas.
Faculty Perspectives on Strategies to Internationalize the Undergraduate Agricultural Curriculum.
Even though there is no one best way to internationalize a college or a university, nor is there a point at which an academic institution can fully declare itself internationalized, the impetus to internationalize business schools in particular has been driven by two factors namely: corporate leaders (Walton & Basciano, 2006; Manuel, Shooshtari, & Fleming, 2002; Shetty & Rudell, 2002) and accrediting boards such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, also known as the AACSB (Walton & Basciano, 2006; Zimmer, Koernig, & Greene, 2004; Turley & Shannon, 1999; Ball & McCulloch 1993).
ANBAR/ Aswat al-Iraq: Anbar Provincial Council's member disclosed today that "an attempt to internationalize the demonstrators' case" due to "governmental delays".
He also slammed the role of the Arab League (AL) towards the crisis in Syria as the AL sought from the beginning of the crisis to refer the Syrian crisis to the UN Security Council, internationalize it and bringing the foreign military intervention to Syria.
It remains to be seen whether Kaitoh, who majored in economics at Aoyama Gakuin University, would try to internationalize Roku-Roku, perhaps best known for its machines used for processing printed circuit boards.
BRUSSELS, March 14, 2011(WAFA)- Minister of Prisoner Affairs, Issa Qaraqa, and the accompanying delegation arrived on Monday, in the Belgian capital of Brussels, within a European tour to internationalize the issue of prisoners.
The chapter by Boyd-Barrett is less upbeat than many of the others in the book and leaves readers wondering perhaps what media studies should do to internationalize. The chapter by Mosco and Lavin indicates a serious and long-term effort by two Canadian researchers into a topic almost wholly missing from communication studies, much less media studies, that is, labor relations within communication industries.
Summary: BEIRUT: The Arab Affairs committee of Egypt's Parliament urged all regional and international powers Monday to "take their hands off" Lebanon and rejected any attempts to "internationalize" Lebanon's political crisis.
--ElBaradei Says No Need to Internationalize the Copts Cause
In an answer to a question over attempts to internationalize the Yemeni crisis, he made clear that when he met President Saleh in Yemen he found the president keen on adopting a framework for solving the problem and that the president does not want to internationalize the crisis nor to make it open at the Arab region level.
foreign ownership from 11% to 16%, which is in line with the company's stated goal to strengthen and internationalize its shareholder base.

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