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More than one class of securities traded together (e.g., one common share and three subscription warrants).


1. A combination of securities or types of securities packaged together and bought and sold as one. For example, a preferred share may have warrants and/or common shares attached to it when it is sold. See also: Paired shares, Cum warrant.

2. One thing that may be exchanged. For example, one dollar is a unit of money.


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As previously announced, our goal is to increase our international units nearly tenfold over the next five years.
At least 400 International Units (but not more than 800) should be consumed daily, from milk, fatty fish or a supplement.
The new report more than doubles the RDA for vitamin E--which occurs naturally as RRR-alpha-tocopherol--to 15 mg, or 22 international units (IU), for adults.
The other study, the Beta Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial, or CARET, tested both beta carotene, in a dose of 30 milligrams a day, and vitamin A, in a daily dose of 25,000 international units.
This total compares to 41,700 international units a year ago -- a 47 percent increase in international sales.
Every 3 months for 13 months, half the children received an inert substance; the rest got a capsule containing 200,000 international units of vitamin A, which the liver stores and parcels out as needed.
There's no automatic rule for converting milligrams of vitamin E to international units (IUs) because any conversion will require you to know the particular proportion of different tocopherols present in the vitamin E studied.
He explained that in no other case have the domestic and international units of a single company, both dealing directly with the beneficial owners of containerload shipments, been honored simultaneously.
Mtel expects its international units total to increase to 350,000 units in service by year-end 1994, with Mtel's share equaling approximately one-third of that level.
Currently, Placemark is in active discussions with units of several top-25 international private banks as well as the international units of existing US-based client banks.
The Institute of Medicine's Food and Nutrition Board recommends 200 International Units (IUs) of vitamin D daily for people age 19 to 50 and more for older folks.

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