international competitiveness

international competitiveness

the ability of a country to compete successfully against other countries in INTERNATIONAL TRADE. Countries that are successful will maintain or increase their share of world exports and, by the same token, limit the extent of IMPORT PENETRATION into their domestic economies.

International competitiveness is reflected in two things:

  1. price competitiveness: it is important that domestic suppliers are efficient and cost-effective and that governments can control domestic rates of INFLATION and maintain ‘realistic’ EXCHANGE RATES for their currencies;
  2. nonprice competitiveness: it is equally important that domestic suppliers offer export customers attractive new products, improve the quality and performance of their products, and meet delivery dates, etc.


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It was pointed out that de facto corporate integration was not a significant factor in the international context and that, in the international joint venture and multinational company structuring context, check-the-box would serve to stimulate international competitiveness because of the cost and time efficiencies inherent in the new regulations.
Abbin said there were potentially many other unintended consequences on international competitiveness if a consumption tax is passed.
This treatment, known as "territoriality," would improve the international competitiveness of most U.
Although we have seen some improvement in productivity trends in the past decade, our performance leaves much to be desired--a fact reflected in our loss of international competitiveness in many industries and in the disappointing real incomes of too many U.
At that time, some concern was expressed about the level of the real exchange rate and hence for international competitiveness.
A few years ago, as a member of a National Academy of Engineering committee on the international competitiveness of the U.
In order to promote the healthy development of China's steel industry to further promote the restructuring of state-owned economy layout, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, improve the modern enterprise system, accelerate the overcapacity industry mergers and acquisitions, a strong support for the implementation of supply-side structural reforms around the bigger, stronger, "fitness and health" quality, efficiency, and cultivate a world-class enterprise group with international competitiveness of the core objectives of the State Council approved, Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel Group to implement the joint reorganization, the formation of "China Wu Bao steel Group Co.
Reminding people that shipping remains a growth industry, that it is essential to national and global prosperity and that international competitiveness is crucial, are all important.
The good news, he said, was the Philippines ranked modestly in four of 12 international competitiveness reports for 2015.
More than 60 speakers will be lecturing in the forum which aims to raise awareness of the local and international competitiveness challenges and related issues.
Geneva, Shawwal 9, 1432, Sep 7, 2011, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia proceeded to the 17th rank in the international competitiveness for 2011 after its last year's 21st.

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