international competitiveness

international competitiveness

the ability of a country to compete successfully against other countries in INTERNATIONAL TRADE. Countries that are successful will maintain or increase their share of world exports and, by the same token, limit the extent of IMPORT PENETRATION into their domestic economies.

International competitiveness is reflected in two things:

  1. price competitiveness: it is important that domestic suppliers are efficient and cost-effective and that governments can control domestic rates of INFLATION and maintain ‘realistic’ EXCHANGE RATES for their currencies;
  2. nonprice competitiveness: it is equally important that domestic suppliers offer export customers attractive new products, improve the quality and performance of their products, and meet delivery dates, etc.


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According to him, the aviation sector of Kazakhstan as a result loses its international competitiveness. "Transit capital of the country decreases," he noted.
Any effort to reduce emissions should be based on ensuring the international competitiveness of the EU aviation sector and taking into account"the particularities of all member states", she added.
Addressing the forum, Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu emphasized the importance of students boosting their international competitiveness and recommended the study of English to expand their world view.
According to KAM, areas that require increased focus include international competitiveness, illicit trade, market access and the policy environment supporting the manufacturing sector in Kenya.
bin Shams hailed the achievement of the Kingdom of Bahrain, represented by BIPA, describing it as the dividend of the comprehensive and ambitious vision of HM the King to boost the kingdom's international competitiveness and achieve citizens' aspirations.
Enterprise Architecture is a Dubai Customs initiative, which they launched to enhance both regional and international competitiveness and develop corporate efficiency.
Mayor Craig Thurmond was appointed to the Community and Economic Development Committee, which is responsible for developing policy positions on issues involving housing, community and economic development, land use, recreation and parks, historic preservation, and international competitiveness.
The World Competitiveness Report is issued by the World Economic Forum annually and considers the results of over 140 countries in competitiveness in accordance with the international competitiveness criteria.
Textiles - Pixabay GENEVA - 23 October 2018: The Government of Sweden and the International Trade Center (ITC) have announced a new program aimed at strengthening the international competitiveness of textiles and clothing producers in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.
"Listing the shares of Reem Investments on ADX's Second Market confirms our position as a preferred listing destination and reflects the high levels of international competitiveness ADX offers to the listed companies," added Rashed Al Blooshi, Chief Executive of ADX.
Summary: Dubai ranks first in the Arab world in terms of government budget (as percentage of GDP) while globally the emirate ranks seventh in government efficiency and third in public finance, according to the Competitiveness Report 2018 issued by the International Competitiveness Centre of the International Institute for Management Development (IMD).

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