international competitiveness

international competitiveness

the ability of a country to compete successfully against other countries in INTERNATIONAL TRADE. Countries that are successful will maintain or increase their share of world exports and, by the same token, limit the extent of IMPORT PENETRATION into their domestic economies.

International competitiveness is reflected in two things:

  1. price competitiveness: it is important that domestic suppliers are efficient and cost-effective and that governments can control domestic rates of INFLATION and maintain ‘realistic’ EXCHANGE RATES for their currencies;
  2. nonprice competitiveness: it is equally important that domestic suppliers offer export customers attractive new products, improve the quality and performance of their products, and meet delivery dates, etc.


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8 million investment and helped to further promote international competitiveness of the factory's products.
In a statement issued here Tuesday, he said that a prompt decision regarding rationalizing of energy prices would help enhance the international competitiveness of local products.
Furthermore, the Department contributed in the development o the economic field in 2016 which was based on sustainability and competitiveness, simplifying procedures, as well as relying on international competitiveness indicators.
Muscat: Efforts made by the National Competitiveness Committee with relation to the international competitiveness index were reviewed during a meeting on Wednesday.
Our similarly small neighbors, with Vietnam now a notable example, have demonstrated how international competitiveness has allowed them to dynamically grow their economies, create millions of new jobs, and bring down poverty dramatically over the last 25 years.
He discussed with them the latest regional and international developments, stressing the need for economic integration besides the GCC political cooperation to enhance the bloc's international competitiveness in light of the economic and investment privileges characterizing the GCC countries.
As the flagship event of the ITC, the World Export Development Forum brings together over 600 business leaders, policymakers, heads of trade and investment support institutions and international trade development officials to address international competitiveness for developing countries.
This is the core of an economy's international competitiveness in goods and services.
agencies on supply chain issues that affect the international competitiveness of U.
Regarding economic development and international competitiveness, Lewis has long experience in the tools aimed at improving international competitiveness of companies and countries.
Muscat, Sept 10 (ONA) The Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development " Ithra'a' organized today a seminar on the international competitiveness report published by the World Economic Forum.
Riyadh, Muharram 22, 1436, Nov 15, 2014, SPA -- The supreme committee organizing the Eighth International Competitiveness Forum has been working on the preparation and coordination for holding the forum.

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