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Through deposit banking activities, the bank will also increase the flexibility of Siemens internal financing operations and optimize risk management.
Jiang said that internal financing will be the bank's primary tool to increase its capital.
Alternatively, a corporation can establish an 80/20 company as an internal financing entity that lends funds to other members of the unitary group.
Whether you develop an internal financing program or partner with a finance company, helping your customers finance their equipment purchases is a good investment in short-term sales and long-term customer relationships.
In addition, the village's modest capital needs and internal financing capabilities should preserve its low direct debt burden.
The subsidiaries in ADP were organized to serve an internal financing function and were not holding companies.
Although the five-year capital program totals $230 million, most of the necessary tax-supported debt has been issued and internal financing will meet most remaining infrastructure needs.
We will focus on establishing production on the Weston County, Carter Creek and Bacaroo projects during the coming months through internal financing and joint venturing to minimize shareholder dilution.
based investment fund, The Nutmeg Group LLC, the subsidiary will now begin to provide follow-on services including internal financing for purchasers of its vehicle inventory.
Although internal financing of capital needs has minimized borrowing, capital outlays from the general fund have reduced available balances.
The village's ample reserves provide a significant source of internal financing for planned capital projects.
Well-maintained infrastructure and substantial internal financing of the capital program have kept debt issuance to a minimum.