internal balance

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Internal Balance

A situation in which the consumption in an economy roughly equals production. That is, external balance occurs when what is spent and what is produced in the economy are never too far from being even. Internal balance may be characterized by both full employment and low inflation, though not all economists believe this is possible. Maintaining internal balance is considered sustainable. See also: External balance.

internal balance

a situation where the economy is operating at FULL EMPLOYMENT and the general level of prices is constant (PRICE STABILITY). The achievement of full employment and price stability are two important macroeconomic objectives of the government. In practice, it is difficult to secure both objectives simultaneously (see PHILLIPS CURVE). Compare EXTERNAL BALANCE. See also DEMAND MANAGEMENT, INTERNAL-EXTERNAL BALANCE MODEL, MACROECONOMIC POLICY.
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Tenders are invited for Providing and Laying Internal Balance Storm water Drain Construction of road gulley in sector 38 gurugram providing and laying RCC NP 2 pipe for strom water drain and road Culiey.
On the eve of the parliamentary elections, Gemayel called for "the restoration of internal balance that guarantees constructive dialogue and equality among all components.
The latter is imbedded in the balance of payment equation of an economy, and the internal balance is reflected through its national income accounting picture in most part.
Had I increased it and messed with the internal balance of the film, then pitched it to him, he would've turned it down.
Maintaining this delicate internal balance is not an exact science, and there's still a lot that researchers don't know.
Human bodies operate at an ideal energetic frequency, but everyday stresses and anxiety can throw off our internal balance, depleting our energy reserves and weakening our immune systems.
Among the changes in the second edition are exercise problems at the end of most chapters, a section on internal balance in the chapter on wind tunnels, and material on obtaining quantitative information from the schlieren and shadowgraph pictures in the optical visualization of high-speed flows.
Basically, Corbyn suspects Dugdale and was so obsessed with the internal balance of power that he was willing to throw away the hard work to help Labour on that long road back to Scottish electability.
He explained that Daash intends to launch the attack next Friday or Saturday, indicating that the terrorists are mobilizing their forces in the east area of the Tigris to carry out this operation as a deadline for them to return the internal balance of the organization, which lost many of its leaders and large areas were under its control.
Include these mineral supplements in your daily vitamin-mineral regimen in order to bring internal balance.
Indeed, this critical decision regarding press freedom can be seen as a turning point that will disrupt the internal balance of the ruling party.
To see if you have the kind of ready cash for this purpose, look at your most recent internal balance sheet, usually prepared as part of the monthly financial statement.

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