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Typically one-ten years.


Describing a plan, strategy, security, or anything else with a term longer than the short term but shorter than the long term. The exact length varies according to the usage; it could be a few weeks or a few years. For example, an intermediate term financial plan outlines investment and other financial goals for any time between roughly six months and one year, while an intermediate term bond has a maturity of five to 10 years.


Of or relating to an investment with an expected holding period somewhere between short-term and long-term. For bonds, collectibles, and real estate, intermediate-term usually refers to a holding period that ranges between one and seven years. For stocks, intermediate-term indicates a somewhat shorter period of six months to several years. For futures and options contracts, intermediate-term ranges from one month to several months.
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The firm said that core intermediate-term bond funds saw inflows of USD 4.
Vanguard is implementing measures to curtail cash flow into two widely held funds: Vanguard Wellington(TM) Fund and Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Fund.
Contributing to the decline in flows, actively managed intermediate-term bond funds only garnered $1.
These tactics produce short-term memories that persist for around a half-hour, intermediate-term memory that lasts a few hours, and long-term memory that persists for days.
Overall, Eugene Flood, CEO of the fixed-income investment firm Smith Breeden Associates, says investing in short- to intermediate-term bonds (bonds with maturities under 10 years) is the best way to go.
Among other points, the research also shows gas prices having a short-term impact on crashes involving younger drivers and intermediate-term impact related to older drivers and men.
Some bond funds favored by Richard Moran, a certified financial planner in Torrance, include two no-load funds from Vanguard: The Intermediate-Term U.
Merritt prefers short- and intermediate-term bonds because they are less volatile than long-term bonds when interest rates rise.
While this intermediate-term trendline certainly has the capacity to offer up a layer of support, it lays some six percent below HPQ's current perch.
Fitch estimates that cost savings will serve to support margins in the intermediate-term despite relatively stagnant sales growth.
The new credit rating category affords some flexibility while the company mitigates the negative impact to free cash flow generation through the intermediate-term from a significant cash outlay dedicated to capitalizing customer equipment on the balance sheet resulting from the shift to operating-type leases from sales-type leases in the U.
Since June 29, AT has enjoyed the uplifting support of this intermediate-term trendline, and the recent pullback in the shares has them once again testing the resolve of this support level.

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