intermediate targets

Intermediate targets

An intermediate target is a variable (such as the money supply) that is not directly under the control of the central bank, but that does respond fairly quickly to policy actions, is observable frequently and bears a predictable relationship to the ultimate goals of policy.

Intermediate Target

Anything under indirect as opposed to direct control of a central bank. An example is money supply; a central bank usually cannot shred dollars when it wishes to reduce the money supply. Rather it raises interest rates, which provides an incentive for people to reduce the amount of money they pump into the economy.

intermediate targets

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European Development Commissioner Louis Michel sets out an ambitious timetable for the member states with intermediate targets for 2008 yielding results in 2010.
In addition to the three-year intermediate targets the EP Committee for Industry proposed that member states adopt long-term energy saving plans, again refused by the Council.
Kallas stressed that it was too early to judge whether member states had received their fair allocation of jobs because the Commission had not set intermediate targets but only for the end of the process.
And where transitional measures have been agreed, it is on the basis of detailed implementation plans, including financing strategies, intermediate targets, and schedules for transposition and implementation, and plans for further strengthening of the administrative capacity.
New targets for employment rates agreed at the Stockholm Summit: intermediate targets for overall and female employment rates (67% and 57% respectively) by 2005 and a new target of achieving a 50% employment rate amongst older people (55-64) by 2010.
The final sticking points for the large combustion plants Directive are the expiry dates for exemptions to the upper limits which have been awarded to some existing plants, the number of additional hours the plants are allowed to function and whether or not to include clear deadlines for meeting the targets (2010 for intermediate targets and 2020 for the final targets).
The European Council also agreed to set intermediate targets for Member States regarding rates of employment (see article in Section IV).
The Council, against expectations at the start of the Summit, agreed to set intermediate targets for employment rates across the EU as a whole for January 2005 of 67% overall and 57% for women.
In addition to setting intermediate targets, Romano Prodi also urges Member States to put in place national objectives, notably to increase the number of persons in the 55-64 age group who remain on the labour market.
The Riksdag has also passed new intermediate targets for the years 2030 and 2040.
The etched-on black reticle with red or green illumination (10 settings) offers fast response to intermediate targets and precision shooting at longer distances.
Bulgariaas national target for 2010 has not been met, just as the intermediate targets for 2010 and 2011.

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