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A situation in which a financial institution stands between counterparties in a transaction. For example, in the sale of a house, a bank usually serves as a financial intermediary by providing a mortgage to the buyer to pay the seller. In some non-traditional transactions, a bank may buy a product (e.g. corn) and immediately re-sell it for a profit to a third party. Most transactions requiring a loan to one of the parties include intermediation. See also: Murabaha.
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Note that one of the responsibilities of the financial intermediary is to implement measures to reduce fraud.
The framework also contains a provision whereby an intermediary must direct the refund of investor funds if an issuer does not complete an offering.
Previously, he was responsible for intermediary service and sales across the north of the UK at Virgin Money.
(3) An intermediary of a review website allows users to vote for
Until a player is 18 years old, they cannot sign with an intermediary without their parent's (or guardian's) consent.
Article 3 of the Regulations sets out general principles which include a requirement that an intermediary must be registered in accordance with the Guidelines and that players and clubs, when choosing their intermediaries must show 'best effort attempts', which means that clubs and players must use their best efforts to make sure that the intermediary engaged signs a representation agreement between them.
The Member States may prohibit the payment by the consumer to the creditor or credit intermediary prior to the conclusion of the credit agreement or impose restrictions on such payments.
We have also waived the [pounds sterling]99 application fee on selected low LTV intermediary exclusive products.
This article provides lawyers with an overview of insurance intermediary liability to third-party non-clients and considerations in light of recent case law throughout the United States.
During the second half of 2013, IOSCO surveyed market intermediary and regulatory practices in the use and oversight of social media and automated advice tools in order to meet two overarching objectives:
However, the other side of the transaction the nature and consequences of the information gathered by the intermediary through the service provision process has just started receiving attention.
A financial intermediary faces two types of risk: the value of its assets may decline, and/or its short-term creditors may decide not to roll over their debt.