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A situation in which a financial institution stands between counterparties in a transaction. For example, in the sale of a house, a bank usually serves as a financial intermediary by providing a mortgage to the buyer to pay the seller. In some non-traditional transactions, a bank may buy a product (e.g. corn) and immediately re-sell it for a profit to a third party. Most transactions requiring a loan to one of the parties include intermediation. See also: Murabaha.


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The report provides a detailed analysis of the demand drivers, market entry strategies, marketing and growth strategies in the Indonesian travel intermediaries industry
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Part III provides a summary of an experts workshop that identified lessons learned and best practices from the experience to date of Internet intermediaries in advancing public policy objectives.
Paragon is making it easier than ever to switch products and access additional lending through its new further advance facility, all online via a new portal available to buy-to-let mortgage customers and intermediaries.
This has led to unqualified intermediaries not knowing the basic regulations in representing young players, which in some cases can negatively affect the player's progress in the game.
This article states that the intermediary is required to record every transaction and that the clubs or players using intermediaries must submit the intermediary's registration and any other documents in relation to every transaction carried out using the intermediary.
From the retailer's perspective, digital intermediaries are helping to meet one of the main objectives: making shoppers' lives easier.
It provides a detailed analysis on the key trends, market size and forecast and key performance indicators in the travel intermediaries market in Turkey
The most successful strategy for third parties to follow in asserting claims against insurance intermediaries is to obtain an assignment of the insured-client's claim against the intermediary.
The eight principles provide guidance to regulators on how to enhance their supervision of intermediaries holding client assets by clarifying the roles of the intermediary and the regulator in protecting those assets.
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