Divorce Decree

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Divorce Decree (Final)

A decree issued after a divorce is declared final by the court. This action dissolves the marriage and returns the spouses to unmarried status.

Divorce Decree (Interlocutory)

A divorce decree that is not yet final.
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25) The analysis requires the court to satisfy itself that an issue is not more appropriately addressed as an interlocutory matter or on direct appeal.
The court held that interlocutory review was appropriate because its decision (i) determined a substantial issue as it could result in the dismissal of the director defendants from the litigation, (ii) established a legal right in that it required the director defendants to be parties to the litigation, unable to assert their Section 102(b)(7) defense until after trial, and (iii) involved conflicting decisions of the Court of Chancery.
It reversed the appellate court's judgment and the trial court's interlocutory orders, held that the CPA's immunity applied to Walsh, and remanded the case to the circuit court to award Walsh his reasonable attorney fees and costs.
The union is praying for an interlocutory injunction to prevent Jetstar from hiring part-time pilots, saying it is misleading for the part-time pilots will actually be working full-time hours.
The court also issued an interlocutory order for the government to explain why it is not implementing the final demolition order against these buildings.
With that sentence, the court overturned the jurisprudence of three district courts of appeal, all of which had concluded that the denial of the constitutional right to jury trial caused irreparable harm worthy of interlocutory review.
The defendants filed a motion for an interlocutory appeal to allow an appellate court to rule on whether or not the trial court had erred in denying their motion.
Among Mr Woodbridge's supporters is local aboriginal elder from the Ngambri tribe, Mr Shane Mortimer who lodged and interlocutory injunction with the Supreme Court on behalf of the industrial design student, to what the elder called an 'unlawful forced removal' from the floating home.
Texas adopted an interlocutory appeal rule similar to that in New York state courts.
Glynn, Article, Discontent and Indiscretion: Discretionary Review of Interlocutory Orders, 77 Notre Dame L.
The Medical Center filed an interlocutory appeal of the trial court's order denying its motion to dismiss.
from the auction, given that Aothe court grants us the interlocutory attachment orderAo securing their share in Hydra's