Divorce Decree

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Divorce Decree (Final)

A decree issued after a divorce is declared final by the court. This action dissolves the marriage and returns the spouses to unmarried status.

Divorce Decree (Interlocutory)

A divorce decree that is not yet final.
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Because interlocutory matters are by definition not final, it would be "meaningless" to treat them as regular judgments, the court said.
Likewise, the order was not an appealable interlocutory order.
9, 2009), the circuit court found it had authority according to [section]26.012 to review a temporary injunction via interlocutory appeal.
This reading of the ambiguous record on interlocutory review provides an unwelcoming backdrop for Drouin's immunity defense.
First, there are far too many interlocutory orders that can be appealed.
The national carrier being aggrieved by the orders, appealed the decision on grounds that Justice Wasilwa erred in law by issuing a 'mandatory interlocutory injunctive order' against Kenya Airways without affording them an opportunity to be heard.
The central probe agency had earlier summoned Karti on February 2 after which he informed them that he would be unable to depose as he has an interlocutory application pending in the Supreme Court in this case.
ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday issued an interlocutory injunction against the implementation of a verdict given by a military court which convicted 14 individuals awarded them with life imprisonment.A three-member bench led by Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, heard the appeal filed by the convicts against the judgement.
According to Article 79, Interlocutory applications from the plaintiff or the defendant shall be submitted to the court before the date of hearing or by verbal application to be submitted in the presence of the other party, and shall be noted in the hearing minutes.
The first section outlines topics in a one-semester, 14-week curriculum (personal jurisdiction; subject matter jurisdiction; supplemental jurisdiction, removal, and venue; modern pleading; joinder of parties and claims; discovery; summary judgment, trial motions, and post-trial motions; choice of applicable law, and representational class action litigation), followed by a section on alternative topics that may be substituted: procedural due process, right to trial by jury, interlocutory appeal, and res judicata and preclusion doctrine.
After hearing the parties, the Appeals Chamber will render its interlocutory decision in due course.
A delegation of members of parliament belonging to the AIADMK on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to direct the Ministry of Water Resources to proceed with its Interlocutory Application filed in the Supreme Court on the Cauvery water case.