interim dividend

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Interim dividend

The declaration and payment of a dividend prior to annual earnings determination.

Interim Dividend

In the United Kingdom, a dividend declared and paid before the company has compiled or released its final financial statements for a given year. In the U.K., dividends are commonly declared twice per year; the dividend given before a company's annual meeting (at which financial statements are announced) is called the interim dividend. It is often, but not always, smaller than the final dividend.

interim dividend

A dividend declared before a firm's annual earnings and dividend-paying ability are accurately known by its management. An interim dividend is ordinarily paid in each of the first three quarters of the fiscal year. These payments are followed by a final dividend at the time that earnings can be accurately determined. Compare final dividend.

interim dividend

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Any shareholder who does not exercise this option within the specified time period will receive the whole of the interim dividend due to them in cash.
This is the first dividend payment relating to the year 2014, as Emirates Reit intends to distribute a dividend to its shareholders twice a year: this interim dividend in January 2015 and a final dividend in June 2015.
It is not clear why management decided to recommend an interim dividend payment; however, it is probably linked to the change in the company's ownership, which creates risks that the dividend policy could be revised in the near future.
The leading brewer said the decision is related to its planned acquisition of its own shares worth 60 billion yen, which may cause a temporary drop in surplus funds required under the Commercial Code to pay interim dividends.
Shareholders who elected an interim dividend in stock will receive 1 new AEGON common share for every 42 common shares.
16p), interim dividend n/a (n/a) Electrocomponents interim pre-tax profits were pounds 40.
LONDON -- The Board of Directors of AMVESCAP PLC (LSE:AVZ) today declared an interim dividend of 2.
The Board of Aberforth Smaller Companies Trust plc today announced an interim dividend of 8.
Announcement of Second Interim Dividend for the year to 31 October 2004
05p), interim dividend n/a (n/a) Homestyle interim pre-tax profits were pounds 7.
HAARLEM, The Netherlands -- VNU, a leading international information and media company, today announced with respect to the 2004 interim dividend payment, that the number of common shares necessary to obtain one new share has been fixed at 175.
The Company has today declared a fourth interim dividend in respect of the financial period ended 31 May 2015 of 1.

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