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In this context, official Speaker for the Public Authority for Housing Welfare Ibrahim Al-Nashi said that the intensive distribution of lands over the last three years had contributed to cutting the waiting list of land applicants in the country.
The overall proposition from Enterprise Flex-E-Rent not only enabled us to obtain a top-quality vehicle specification, but it also gave us the proven national service support that is essential for our intensive distribution operation.
The mesh sits above an intensive distribution of 490 piles which have been drilled 30 meters into the ground to accommodate the gravitational, wind and seismic pressures caused by the lean of the building.
Costco have put into service 14 insulated pallet boxes from ChillXpress and is using them on an intensive distribution operation delivering goods to their 11 wholesale warehouses around the UK.
When intensive distribution is the decided policy, this last decision area is, conceptually, simple.
For example, the length-of-channel or degree-of-directness decision is divided into its two extremes of direct channels and very indirect channels; the selectivity decision is divided into intensive distribution and exclusive distribution; and so on.
However, intensive distribution means a more elaborate marketing operation at the manufacturer level.
However, to reach a market of 1,000 consumers may require more outlets and therefore more intensive distribution than a market of 500 consumers.
The heavy-duty rear frame protection on Schmitz trailers is ideally suited to intensive distribution operations.
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