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The company could receive Pound 130,000 in the form of a subsidy to acquire tangible and intangible fixed assets, and a tax credit of Pound 632,000.
In particular, the ASPBI will collect data and generate detailed information on employment, income, expense, inventories, tangible fixed assets, intangible fixed assets and total assets of the establishments.
4m impairment of tangible and intangible fixed assets.
It also covers self-assessment, trading profits, loan relationships, loss relief, intangible fixed assets, group relief and group chargeable gains.
1mn) on an increase in administrative expenses and a US$ 15mn impairment on intangible fixed assets.
Tangible and intangible fixed assets stood at EUR 23,272 million at end-2009 and held 46.
Panasonic shed 18 yen, or over 1 percent, to 1,286 yen after the Nikkei business daily reported the company plans to write off over about 10 years the roughly 450 billion yen in intangible fixed assets it booked when turning Sanyo Electric Co.
It means the overall outlay will amount to just under pounds 45 million in interest during the course of the bond, money that will come out of group operating profits, before depreciation and amortisation of intangible fixed assets, that are currently in excess of pounds 91.
On the other hand, a firm which intensely exploits the results of its research should generate a significant turnover compared to its intangible assets and have weak intangible fixed assets compared to its total assets.
Income for the period was impacted by a $62 million addition to the loss reserve for self-insurance, along with higher impairments of tangible and intangible fixed assets ($47 million, compared with $23 million in the 2003 quarter).
Currently, the fees are traded as intangible fixed assets in the market and companies also book them as assets.
98 billion yen as an extraordinary loss, mainly for a write-down of intangible fixed assets at Key3Media Group Inc.