Insurance premium

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Insurance premium

Payments calculated by the insurance company based on risk factors that must be made by the insured to guarantee protection of property loss under an insurance policy.

Insurance Premium

A payment that a policyholder makes, usually monthly, in order to be covered by an insurance policy.
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Compare the insurance premium rates of several motor insurance policies and choose one with the lowest premium and adequate coverage.
The report said, 'In India, total insurance premiums grew strongly by 7.
Average annual car insurance premium after a DUI: $2,208.
People in their early 20s to late 30s have typically seen the biggest drops in their insurance premiums over the last year, with falls recorded across all age groups.
30, 2011 (CENS) -- Beginning from January 1, 2012, Taiwan will see higher labor and health insurance premiums as well as the minimum wage.
The idea that car insurance premiums have risen by nearly a third is fanciful.
On the balance sheet, the $10 million insurance premium is recorded as a prepaid insurance asset that is amortized on a regular basis according to the terms of the contract.
DRIVERS are facing yet more increases in insurance premiums.
The survey revealed an average 40pc increase in employers' liability insurance premiums, 60pc rise in general and property premiums and 40pc in product liability premiums.
It can involve employers who buy no workers comp insurance policies and, therefore, pay no workers comp insurance premiums at all, or it can involve employers who buy policies but lower the cost of their premiums in fraudulent ways.
Reed says his company currently pays the insurance premiums for its 13 employees.

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