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Epic, celebrating the firm's 10th anniversary in 2017, is already one of the 20 largest US retail insurance brokers and, before the addition of Frenkel, ranked #26 among the top commercial insurance broker/consultants in the world.
Bundling allows insurance brokers, like Cornerstone Insurance Brokers, to spread risk more efficiently.
Its combined scale means that Island Insurance Brokers will benefit from access to global financial services professionals, technology and resources, including a strong governance and compliance programme.
Patrick joins H&H Insurance Brokers from Bishop Skinner Insurance Brokers, where he was employed for almost 10 years.
Jonathan Willett, a director at Henderson Insurance Brokers Teesside, said: "We're very pleased to welcome Kimberley to her role on the agricultural team, which is a growing sector of expertise for us.
It is believed that Martin Wheatley made the pledge to the British Insurance Brokers Association (Biba) conference after he took over as head of the newly-formed Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
Compared to similar jurisdictions the current regulatory regime for insurance brokers in Pakistan is relatively underdeveloped.
She said: "This is a very exciting and challenging position and I am looking forward to helping H&H Insurance Brokers grow their business.
In the last five years, premiums have doubled for most employers, and a lot of insurance brokers are still charging commissions, which are a percentage of the premium.
Pass any contract language regarding insurance, or hold harmless/indemnification language by your insurance broker and attorney.
Tim Rees has been appointed as director of Hodge Insurance Brokers, joining from Willis Insurance brokers, where he held the position of account director.

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