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The granting of access to a document or the ability to conduct an activity. Authorization may be limited to a certain transaction or time period, or it may be unlimited. For example, a potential home buyer may grant a lender authorization to view his/her credit reports.
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the granting of permission by a senior manager to a subordinate to undertake a particular task. For example, the chief executive could empower his purchasing officer to buy raw materials and authorize his production manager to buy machinery. The authorization process attempts to make sure that subordinates know the extent of their DELEGATED AUTHORITY.
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Organizations should handle insurance authorizations promptly as part of the initial scheduling process, and patients should
In her position, she is responsible for coordinating patient and staff schedules and verifying insurance authorizations. Her other duties include maintaining inventory of equipment and supplies, researching billing issues, and monitoring medical record requests.
The typical pediatric practice has taken on many expensive and nonreimbursed tasks over the past several years converting to electronic medical records, insurance authorizations, electronic prescribing, forms, and more forms.
Yet other important matters to consider include special education laws and medical insurance authorizations for specialized services such as physical therapy or medical equipment.

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