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Insurance commissioner: Marlene Caride, appointed in 2018.
Issues: Adopting the NAIC's revised actuarial opinion and memorandum requirements for life insurers; further cooperation with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Medicare Part D drug prescription plans and related issues; monitoring federal legislation activities regarding insurance regulation.
Myth #1 A Certificate of Insurance Establishes Additional Insured Status.
"I was fixed on the traditional notion of life insurance to [pay for] my burial."
In general, the liability is 4% of the premiums paid for casualty risks wholly or partly within the U.S., and 1% for a life, sickness or accident insurance policy, or an annuity contract on the life of, or hazards to, the person who is a U.S.
When should a private company applied in the D & O insurance industry.
In addition, if your organization administers other employee benefit plans (health insurance to which the employees contribute) those individuals with administrative duties may be fiduciaries as well.
"What most people don't understand is that they are putting their personal assets at risk," said Caroline Florez, director of marketing for Summit America Insurance's Coaches Choice Program for Sports Camps/Clinics.
Subtract any insurance you get automatically at work.
Clarkson Insurance Agency, now has available a variety of new insurance products geared toward home-based businesses.
But the increasingly successful campaigns to privatize Social Security and expand school vouchers suggest a way out: mandatory private health insurance. Under this system, in effect, purchasing health insurance would be not much different from buying car or homeowner's insurance today.
Liability Insurance and the Voluntary Sector--Framing the issues, which resulted from seven regional sessions conducted across the country over an eighteen month period ending in June 2004 and from an on-line survey, found that 87 per cent of online respondents reported increases in insurance costs while 96 per cent reported no increase in their insurance claims.