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1. See: Security.

2. Any tool that a government may use to influence the economy. Common instruments include setting prevailing interest rates, raising or lowering taxes, and awarding contracts to the private sector to stimulate demand for goods and services.

3. See: Contract.


A legal document, such as a check, a security, or a will.


A written legal document.

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A desire for accurate, traceable, small force measurement is emerging within the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) task groups and ASTM International technical committees that work on instrumented indentation standards [44].
A number of recent efforts have been made to improve tip shape calibration for instrumented indentation [41, 50-55].
With instrumented impact, the falling dart's tip or the pendulum's hammer is fitted with a load cell.
Instrumented impact tests are performed according to ASTM D3763 and ISO 6603 and 7765 for drop-weight instruments, and ISO 179 Part 2 or ISO 180 Part 2 for pendulum testers.

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