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1. See: Security.

2. Any tool that a government may use to influence the economy. Common instruments include setting prevailing interest rates, raising or lowering taxes, and awarding contracts to the private sector to stimulate demand for goods and services.

3. See: Contract.


A legal document, such as a check, a security, or a will.


A written legal document.

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Outstanding Rock/Pop Instrumentalist -- Liz Larin, Guitar/Bass -- Liz Larin
Outstanding Blues Instrumentalist * Outstanding Blues Writer - *TIE*
Gourse, a correspondent for Paris's Jazz Hot magazine and the author of several award winning articles on women instrumentalists, has also written Sassy: The Life of Sarah Vaughan (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1993); Unforgettable: The Life and Mystique of Nat King Cole (New York: St.
Chapter 4, "The Third Hand: The Source of Control," focuses on coordination and the instrumentalist and examines being in touch with one's own individual artistic impulses while simultaneously developing the ability to self-coach.
It seems only logical to adopt a sight-singing system that puts the same demands on instrumentalists that they will face with actual music.
Type of participants: Orchestral instrumentalists, vocalists, soloists and ensembles and exceptional pre-professional classical musicians.
The annual competition, which is organised by Music in the Vale, is open to solo singers aged between 10 and 22 and instrumentalists between 10 and 20.
Type of participants: Recorder instrumentalists and ensembles.
The chorale will present this work with professional soloists and instrumentalists, and there will be a pre-concert lecture at 2:30 p.
The competition is open to solo singers aged between 10 and 22 and solo instrumentalists aged between 10 and 20.
He recommends Cage's 108, which requires 108 instrumentalists, or a cello concerto consisting of [One.
On disc, Cronholm's voice dominates, but on stage it's receded, becoming a democratic equal to the probing of the instrumentalists.