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The only chance nowadays of us having an instrumental in the charts is if a good-looking teenage accordion player wins the X Factor
Absolutely the best instrumental CD I've heard this year, "The Axeman Cometh" is, 'NAMMY worthy'.
Banks adds to this repertory a group of pieces he calls "consort ricercare," a category that includes pieces which have always been assumed to be instrumental, like Josquin's La Bernadina.
Not every genre of instrumental music is addressed.
In the '60s there were instrumental bands who had number 1 hits.
Beginning with the renowned 6th Annual "Lady Jazz" concert featuring "Jazz On A String" on July 2 at the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood, CA, Instrumental Women will promote self-esteem and use a portion of its proceeds to aide in domestic violence prevention.
I believe it is better to think of instrumental rationality as involving a restriction on a certain combination of intentions than a restriction on a certain combination of beliefs.
And asset inflation was certainly instrumental in stimulating demand to sustain the consumption and services-based American economy.
Instrumental broadening can be removed from an experimental profile if a reference specimen, containing negligible size and strain broadening, is available.
Beyond simple song swapping, users create mashups by breaking apart songs like Legos and putting the vocals and instrumentals back together however they want.
Now when the Church's "Personnel" is chosen by other members of its Personnel, "it is inevitable and normal that this Personnel recruit itself: so that as a result, the person of the Church herself is not in any way, even by designation [of bishops], involved in what her personnel may do or say, except to the degree that it is an instrumental agent in her regard.
The purposes of the sample preparation step and lipid determination step are to extract the fat components and the analytes of interest from the remainder of the milk sample, to determine the fat content of the milk sample, and to further prepare the extract for instrumental analysis.

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