institutional investor

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Institutional Investor

A business devoted to holding and managing assets, either for clients or for itself. Examples include mutual funds, banks, holding companies, and brokerages. Institutional investors are important to placing new issues of stocks and bonds, as they can afford to buy more of an issue than individual investors.

institutional investor

An entity such as an insurance company, an investment company, a pension fund, or a trust department that invests large sums in the securities markets. Institutional investing has had an increasing impact on securities trading: as the institutions buy and sell huge blocks of the same securities during short periods of time, large security fluctuations ensue.

Institutional investor.

Institutional investors buy and sell securities in large volume, typically 10,000 or more shares of stock, or bonds worth $200,000 or more, in a single transaction.

In most cases, the investors are organizations with large portfolios, such as mutual funds, banks, university endowment funds, insurance companies, pension funds, and labor unions.

Institutional investors may trade their own assets or assets that they are managing for other people.

institutional investor

A large corporate investor in real estate and real estate securities, such as a pension fund, university, or insurance company.

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Specifically, more than half (51 percent) of institutional investor respondents ranked the annual as the most useful and informative of five distinct information sources within a company's financial program.
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Labaton Sucharow represents many of the most prestigious domestic and European institutional investors including pension funds from 13 different states, funds managed by city, county and other municipalities, banks, hedge funds, unions and major European asset managers and financial institutions.
We came to (the conference) to increase our exposure to institutional investors and analysts and create further interest in our stock," said MacDonald.
New regulatory changes governing investment banks have also led corporations to communicate directly with institutional investors far more frequently, a significant shift from the days when powerful brokerage analysts were a company's primary conduit to the "buy side.
A number of institutional investors have ventured into the arena of funding life settlements.
Better lending terms will help finance many different types of infrastructure projects and deep-pocketed institutional investors will be more likely to invest in the country's railroads, ports and highways.
We are confident that Zephyr's products will enhance the manager search and selection process for institutional investors and consultants, as well as expand reach for our registered money managers," said Morrissey.
Second- and third-tier institutional investors manage less than $5 billion.
Indeed, institutional investors hold approximately 53 percent of Amgen.
Growth will result in increased REIT market capitalization, which should increase the liquidity of the stock and therefore the attractiveness to investors and institutional investors in particular.

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