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Insurance companies, pension funds, trusts, foundations, mutual funds, funds managers, bank investment departments.

Institutional Investor

A business devoted to holding and managing assets, either for clients or for itself. Examples include mutual funds, banks, holding companies, and brokerages. Institutional investors are important to placing new issues of stocks and bonds, as they can afford to buy more of an issue than individual investors.
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The unit should be an independent establishment operated by the institution or by a joint venture in which the institution is a partner (some countries require foreign providers to partner with a local organization) in the name of the foreign institution.
In fact path dependency theory to me looks suspiciously like what historians automatically do when they analyze any given current institution or action--they look at its historical routs to see how these institutions or actions developed from their beginnings to their current state.
An e-mail directs the financial institution to a secure web interface to view and resolve each suspect transaction.
The agencies recognize that the needs and situation of each financial institution and its community and customers are unique.
No other employment, scholarship, financial aid or other remuneration is permitted by my institution without written graduate office approval in advance.
Now, when we need it most, institutional critique is dead, a victim of its success or failure, swallowed up by the institution it stood against.
For instance, rather than meeting the needs of consumers, institutions fall into the trap of thinking that others--even the consumer--exist to meet the needs of the institution.
Sponsorship of or arrangement for an awards banquet for high-school, preparatory school or two-year college athletes by an institution, representatives of its athletics interests or its alumni groups or booster clubs.
It concludes: "Directors stressed that progress on Bank-Fund collaboration will remain a challenge, requiring steady implementation and sustained commitment, in particular by the country teams of each institution.
The American Association of Colleges, which was comprised of American college presidents and was also formed in 1915, rejected the 1915 Declaration of Principles, partly because the AAUP membership excluded college presidents and faculty below the rank of full professor and partly because of the statement's institution of the tenure system.
At another level, the danwei was an important institution because it provided an important source of regime legitimation for pre-reform China.
This type of advance preparation literally can make the difference between the success or failure of a student in a foreign de gree program, and the work done in such a course (for instance, an English-language term paper or final exam that could be included with an application to graduate school) can significantly increase the likelihood of competing successfully for admission and financial assistance in a foreign institution.

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