inside market

Inside market

Refers to over-the-counter trading. Best (highest) bid and best (lowest) offer, often used in the O.T.C. Market. See: In-line.

Inside Market

Buying and selling between dealers and/or institutional investors. The inside market provides liquidity to the market and thus has a lower bid-ask spread than other markets. Inside markets may also refer to over-the-counter trading.

inside market

A market involving price quotes for a security trade between dealers. Price quotes between dealers usually entail a higher bid and a lower ask than quotes on the same security made to individual investors. Compare retail market. See also wholesale.
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Tenders are invited for Drainage System Inside Market Complex
Barry is a member of the Inside Market Data Hall of Fame, has been a frequent industry panelist and speaker and holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and an MBA in Finance from the University of Buffalo.
said that the SPEC plans to procure all the equipment and necessary parts from the inside market and to attain self-sufficiency in the sector by relying on domestic experts in the next five years.
But it is very important to increaseincome" said she, adding theloancould come from the inside market as well.
But it is very important to increase income" said she, adding the loan could come from the inside market as well.
The company was named the 2012 Best Research Provider at the Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data Awards and has been included in FORTUNE's Top 100 Best Companies to Work For, the United Kingdom's Great Places to Work and France's Best Workplaces.
Obtaining the licence builds upon the TPI's recent success at the Inside Market Data awards where it was named Best Data Provider for the second year running and highlights the business' commitment to support the growth of OTC markets in China.
Colleen Grimes has joined PeaceHealth Medical Group as a nurse practitioner, at PeaceHealth Check-up, a retail clinic inside Market of Choice at 29th Avenue and Willamette Street.
Drawn inside market leaders Taylors Cruise (middle in a recent trial), and Final Boe (proving expensive to follow of late), Union Jak Jakson, who showed plenty of early zip in a recent C&D trial, is taken to make all.
Candidates were selected by the editorial staff at Inside Market Data (IMD) and Inside Reference Data (IRD) with the winners chosen by their readership, representing operations professionals at investment banks, securities firms, institutional investors, brokers and exchanges.
He said: "An agreement for lease of the town hall building is now in the process of being exchanged, and as a result all market trading from the inside market hall has stopped.
According to inside market sources, the business is expected to be profitable by the end of 2008.